Four Steps to Creating a Totally New Look

Your existing house windows are cracking and peeling. You can't get bedroom windows all the way open for fresh air on long summer nights. In cold weather months, a draft coming through your front window chills you to the bone. You know you need replacement windows, but you wonder what to expect in the professional window installation process. Once you select a Milgard Certified Dealer, replacing your existing house windows and patio doors is an easy and hassle-free four-step process.

U Measure It | Measure the replacement window opening.


Before any window or door is removed, your dealer measures each opening to ensure every unit is built to your required size.



U Measure It | Remove the old window and install the new replacement window.

Remove Old Unit & Install New Unit

Your Milgard dealer is experienced in knowing which method of installation is best for each type of home siding.



U Measure It | Insulate and trim the interior of the window.

Insulate & Trim Interior

Perimeter insulation is added to seal drafts. Interior trim, which varies by dealer, is hung to create a finished look.



U Measure It | Seal and finish the exterior.

Seal & Finish

Your dealer seals the exterior to make it watertight and does final touchup. That's it.



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Building Green Saves

Save money on your energy bill with replacement windows.

Contractor Programs

Find out about contractor programs to receive discounts on all orders.

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